Saturday, March 13, 2021

March 13


Gym Door (Closed) - Marin County  2021

March 13, 2020:

On March 13 Mike drove over to the gym. He took highway 101 south from San Rafael to the exit leading to Sir Francis Drake Boulevard. 

Once at the gym it was clear that the parking lot had quite a few empty spaces.

Attendance in the gym was low. Mike used the treadmill while listening to a podcast, then skipped the weight machines. Did he realize as he left that he probably wouldn't be going to the gym for the rest of the year?


Lead story from the March 13, 2020 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle:

Good morning, Bay Area. It’s Friday, March 13, and the ripples of a global pandemic are being felt in the region and around the world. Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

San Francisco’s 113 public schools — serving 54,000 students — will shut down for three weeks starting Monday to curb the spread of the coronavirus as the city struggles to prevent a surge in cases, the district announced Thursday.


March 13, 2021:

Well, 24 Hour Fitness declared bankruptcy in 2020, then closed their Marin County location. The building is still vacant, all the windows papered over. 

Mike purchased a Fitbit watch early in the shutdown, resulting in daily early-morning walks throughout Fairfax (many photos taken . . . some posted on the blog.)

San Francisco's schools were shut down for more than three weeks. They're still closed.


We got our second Moderna vaccine shot March 3rd! (At the Terra Linda High School gym.) 

Chills and a fever during the night, but better by next day afternoon.

Vaccine Location (San Rafael) - Marin County  2021

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