Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bear Stories

Bear Mess, Early A.M. - Sierra Nevada  2013

Ice Chest, Bear Mess - Sierra Nevada  2013

Haven't we heard this story before? Seems like we have.

Mike left his motel room in the early morning darkness, finding his way downstairs using his flashlight since there was no overhead light provided by the motel. Of course, upon seeing the mess in back of the truck, there was the first moment of incomprehension, followed by the, "Oh, right. A bear." (Also of course, Mike should have known better, even in a motel parking lot. Maybe the motel could have put up a warning sign? Whatever.)

He scooped up the mess as best he could (unable to get all the crunched-up pistachio shells), dumped the food box in the back of the truck, and left. Stopped off at Schaat's Bakery for coffee and a pastry, started off down the road. As he was driving he thought to himself, "At least he didn't get the ice chest. Whoa, wait a minute . . . the ice chest!" Pull over, peer into the truck: right, no ice chest. Turn the truck around and go back to the motel. By that time, it was light enough for Mike to perform a search, spiraling around the motel, finally locating the ice chest down in a gulley. So now there's two ice chests in the garage with bear claw puncture marks. Wow!

Of additional interest: in neither bear incident was there any truck damage. They obviously know how to open the rear camper shell door.

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