Sunday, December 23, 2012

Olympus 14-150mm Zoom Lens

Olympus 14-150 Lens - Yosemite  2012

I really dislike changing lenses. My theory has always been to get one all-purpose zoom lens and leave it on the camera. Thus, the purchase of this particular zoom.

My Olympus E-PL1 originally came with two lenses, a normal zoom and a telephoto zoom. This new lens replaces those two since it covers the same zoom range, that is, in 35mm terms, 28-300mm, wide-angle to telephoto. Also, I was very pleased to discover that my old Olympus C-8080's lens cap and lens shade fit on the new lens perfectly. Above, a photo (taken with the trusty Canon G12) of the new lens with the new focusing gizmo on top. So: this is the only lens I had with me during my October Utah/New Mexico trip. So far, so good! Not that great in low light situations, though.

BTW, I sold my Nikon D90 body back to B&H. The weight advantage of the new Olympus/Panasonic m4/3s cameras is too great to overlook.

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