Saturday, June 15, 2019

Dominican University - 2

Ivy, Entrance (Dominican University) - Marin County  2019

Dogwood Tree (Dominican University) - Marin County  2019

There's an interesting link between Ansel Adams and the university:

"Adams began working for Dominican in 1932, only two years after he had decided on a career in photography. He was 30 years old, had just started a family; it was the depth of the Depression and the work must have been welcome.

"He continued to work on commission for the college until 1952.

"His Dominican pictures show a vanished world -- Dominican was a women's college then, and he photographed it as it wanted to see itself, 'a serene, almost sheltered environment for the intellectual development of women,' Roby said."

SF Chronicle

Friday, June 14, 2019

Dominican University - 1

Footbridge (Dominican University) - Marin County  2019

Benches (Dominican University) - Marin County  2019

For some reason I've never explored the grounds of the Dominican University here in Marin County.

Very pretty.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Marin Flowers

Rose - Marin County  2019

Rhododendrons - Marin County  2019

Top: an iPhone shot, using "Portrait Mode."

Bottom: San Geronimo Valley, taken with an Olympus E-M1II, 14-150mm lens.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Marin Scenic

Mt. Tamalpais, Clouds - Marin County  2019

Fence, Roses - Marin County  2019

Top: from the pedestrian bridge at the Larkspur Ferry terminal.

Bottom: San Geronimo Valley.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Convict Lake / Minarets - 2007

Convict Lake - Sierra Nevada  2007

Minarets - Sierra Nevada  2007


6:45 AM—Up.

7:15—Attempt to find fishermen’s lodge for breakfast. Couldn’t find one. Went therefore to Jack’s in Bishop. Bacon, eggs, and toast . . . wow . . .

10:00—Leave camp. Travel to Galen Rowell gallery in Bishop.
Very sanitized views of wilderness . . . everything perfect: composition (no fallen logs, extraneous undergrowth etc), lighting (the perfect sunrise/sunset etc.) etc etc. Employee states that 16x20 is most popular size sold.

Major clouds developing. Photos of Infiniti & Convict Lake.

Pizza for lunch in Mammoth.

Drive to Minaret Summit. Thunder, lightning, hail. Wow.

3:15—EconoLodge & shower! Slightly cheesy, older place, but I can see the gondola structure on Mammoth Mountain from my window!


For some reason, there's no photos of the EconoLodge to be found in the contact sheets. Nor any mention of the drive home in the notes. Oh well.


So, for this trip I used an Olympus E-510, my first DSLR. The camera had 10 megapixels (my current Olympus E-M1II has 20). A somewhat low megapixel count, combined with all-jpg files, means that in practice there's a limited amount of Photoshop manipulation / enlarging that can be done. One interesting thing was that as I was hiking the camera kept bumping up against the buckle on my pack's waist belt, scratching the LCD screen. After that I made sure to affix a protective screen thingie to all my cameras.

Olympus E-510 - Marin County  2019

Monday, June 10, 2019

Monday Cat Blogging

Cat on Porch - Marin County  2019

Cat Flopped on Sidewalk - Marin County  2019

iPhone photos. Our neighbor's cat. There are actually two cats, but so far no photos of them together.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

The Hike Out 2 - 2007

Bishop Pass Sign - Sierra Nevada  2007

Backpacker - Sierra Nevada  2007
Lake, Storm Clouds - Sierra Nevada  2007

I reached the Bishop Pass sign and then headed down the many switchbacks of the trail.

(BTW, I'm liking the top two photos: for the sign in one, and the backpacker and the faint, meandering trail in the other. Also, nice muted colors. May try to print on the Epson.)

From the notes:

7:30—Leave camp. 51º.
“Fog” over the Inconsolable Range . . . low monsoonal clouds?

9:30—Back at first campsite. Breakfast. Overcast: making good time.

10:40—Bishop Pass.

12:00 PM—Saddlerock Lake outlet bridge. (Site of 1st day’s lunch.) Lunch.

2:30—Trailhead. Thunder on the way down. 9-mile hike out . . . helped by overcast. A personal best, I think.


After a beer at the trailhead I camped overnight at one of the campgrounds in the vicinity.

Mike & Beer, Post Backpack - Sierra Nevada  2007

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Mount Agassiz

Mt. Agassiz, Pond - Sierra Nevada  2007

A looming presence over the Bishop Pass trail, 13,899 feet elevation.

I've climbed Mt Agassiz twice, both times in 1974. First time was with the Sierra Club, just after I had taken their mountaineering class. Later that year my brother Joe and I repeated the trip. I remember us reaching Bishop Pass, then cutting over to the left among the boulders and picking a chute at random. Once up at the top I managed to get a nice heroic photo of Joe, but somehow there's no photo of me.

Mt. Agassiz, Pond - Sierra Nevada  1974

Joe, Mt. Agassiz Summit - Sierra Nevada  1974

Friday, June 7, 2019

The Hike Out 1 - 2007

Sunrise (Dusy Basin) - Sierra Nevada  2007
Lichen, Granite (Bishop Pass) - Sierra Nevada  2007

Ominous. You know what they say: "Red skies at dawn, sailors mow their lawn." OK, maybe they don't say that.

Slightly overcast, for a change.

From the notes:

5:45 AM—Get up. 49º. Overcast. Using my head lamp to pack up sleeping bag and Thermarest inside tent. Two grouse in tree during the night.

6:20—Nice sunrise.
Low battery warning on camera.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Moonrise, Dusy Basin - 2007

Moonrise (Dusy Basin) - Sierra Nevada  2007

Campsite (Dusy Basin) - Sierra Nevada  2007

As I said, lots of other backpackers in the vicinity. You can see some in the top photo.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Dusy Basin Lakes - 2007

Pond (Dusy Basin) - Sierra Nevada  2007

Lake (Dusy Basin) - Sierra Nevada  2007

Afternoon light, postcard views.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Rock Art - 2007

Rocks (Dusy Basin) - Sierra Nevada  2007

Granite (Dusy Basin) - Sierra Nevada  2007

High altitude Sierra details. Taken while wandering around my Dusy Basin campsite with an Olympus E-510 DSLR.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Monday Deer Blogging

Deer - Sierra Nevada  2014

OK, so this isn't a 2007 shot. My deer photo from that trip was shot at 1/8th second and alas, it's somewhat blurry.

So this deer shot is from a 2014 backpack up near Minaret Lake, taken as I was boiling water for my freeze-dried meal.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Hike Up to Dusy Basin - 2007

Backpack - Sierra Nevada  2007

Mike, Dusy  Basin Summit - Sierra Nevada  2007

from the notes:


5:45 AM—Up early. 50º.

7:25—Leave camp.

7:45—JMT/Bishop Pass trail junction. Put on sunscreen.



10:00—10,000’ sign.

10:45—Bridge, cascade. Change sox, replenish water etc.

12:20—Top of canyon, beginning of Dusy Basin.

12:45—Campsite, overlooking Lake 10742.

5:20—62º. Large clouds in the area. Nice light for rock photos. Sunset will be much later here than in the canyon.

Far too many people camping in this area. Probably because it’s the first stop coming up from the canyon, and the last stop before heading down.