Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Gizmo (VF-2 Viewfinder)

VF-2 Viewfinder - Marin County  2012

VF-2 Viewfinder - Marin County  2012

I've been using the VF-2 viewfinder on my small Olympus camera for several weeks now. It's a success! It's a gizmo that attaches to the top of the E-PL1 and serves as an eye level viewfinder . . . not an optical one, but a electronic one. Kind of like looking at a mini TV screen.

I was OK with using the LCD screen to compose, but I was having issues when the sun meant that the screen got washed-out. The VF-2 has solved that particular issue, but what's interesting is that I'm using it even when conditions don't particularly warrant it.

Main problem: doesn't work if you're wearing Polarized sunglasses.


Screen Wipes said...

Is Olympus is good brand in terms of SLR camer? because many of my friend told me it's not that good.

Mike Mundy said...

The images are fine.

The camera bodies and the camera software are not quite as reliable as, for example, Nikon's products.

Just my opinion. And Nikon doesn't have anything to compete with m4/3, again, in my opinion.