Friday, December 7, 2012

Hite Crossing

Bridge - Utah  2012

Bridge - Utah  2012

Mike had a slight problem during his trip with pulling off the road for photos. His Infiniti G35, while having a number of admirable qualities (power, steering etc) is a rear-wheel drive car; its traction is decidedly minimal. So that meant no getting off the road onto any dubious dirt areas.

Thus, when he came upon this bridge (the "Hite Crossing Bridge,") in the middle of nowhere, he fussed a bit, since there were no viewpoints in sight. But Mike soon realized that since there was hardly any other vehicles coming or going, he could simply stop in the middle of the road to take photos.

So he did. Stop in the middle of the road, that is . . . for a series of three pix. An overall view, a closer view, and a view from the bridge looking up Cataract Canyon with the Colorado River far below.

More info on the bridge, with a cool photo looking up, at Wikipedia.

View from Bridge - Utah  2012

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