Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Glen Canyon Recreation Area

Glen Canyon Road - Utah  2012

Once through Capitol Reef one comes to the junction at Hanksville: one road goes north to highway 70 and the small town of Green River, the other south towards Lake Powell and the Colorado River crossing. Last time Mike was here, he went north. This time, south.

The sign outside Hanksville was a little troublesome: still quite a ways to go! (Mike's destination was Monticello, Utah, north of Blanding.)

This section of the drive was actually somewhat unsettling, with awesome scenery and vistas unfolding mile after spectacular mile, slightly blunting one's esthetic senses. For example, the drive though the cliffs of Glen Canyon Recreation Area is reminiscent of California's Red Rock Canyon, but way bigger and much longer: the magitude dulled one's appreciation. And too, this part of the road seemed to be very lightly traveled.

Road Sign Outside Hanksville - Utah  2012

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