Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tchicoma Peak

Tchicoma Peak, Jemez Mountains from Los Alamos - New Mexico  2012

Tchicoma Road - New Mexico  2012

Tchicoma ("Chicoma" in Wikipedia) Peak looms over Los Alamos, at over 11,500 feet the highest point in the Jemez Mountains.  Kay and I had been planning a hike to the top for some time. Finally: reality!

With Kay at the helm, we set off from White Rock in Joe Mundy's 1980's-era truck. After picking up Laura and her dog Zoe, the bone-rattling drive up to the "trailhead" (there's actually no official trail that we could see) commenced. Shortly after one very washboardy section Zoe decided that the camper shell wasn't really where she should be, so she moved up and sat with Laura in the slightly extremely cramped rear.

Joe's Truck - New Mexico  2012

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