Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Elf & Evening Storm Clouds

Elf, Evening Storm Clouds - Marin County  2012

Red skies at night, sailors take fright!

Red skies at night, sailors' delight!

But . . .

Red skies at dawn, sailors mow their lawn!

Red skies at dawning, sailors repair their awning!

Earlier red skies angle at this post. Taken from almost the same spot!

Anyway, Happy Holidays! (Upon leaving the Xmas tree lot, I drove towards the Civic Center ((Frank Lloyd Wright-designed)) and took this kind of Blade Runnerish shot:)

Civic Center - Marin County  2012

(BTW: possible record for exclamation points in a mikereport post! Also, please note Mt. Tamalpais in top photo.)

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