Sunday, March 3, 2013

Scenic Marin

Hills & Clouds - Marin County  2013

Mushrooms - Marin County  2013

Top: Photo taken in the afternoon of a day that was alternately cloudy and sunny.

Bottom: Mushroom seen during Barbara's annual New Year's Day hike. No mushroom experts on the hike, so no ID, alas.


Diane said...

Just stopping by to catch up on all of your wonderful recent photos. Unfortunately, I'm not surfing the net as much lately since I got one of those things called......a job. Haha!

Love the light in this top photo and the drama. Cool shrooms!

Mike Mundy said...


A "job" . . . yes, I think I've heard of something by that name. Congrats!

I guess.

judit said...

I keep coming back to this set of photos; the light and relative size scale intrigue me. Thanks.

Mike Mundy said...


Top photo actually taken during a memorial service with "Amazing Grace" being played by a bagpipe in the background.