Friday, March 8, 2013

. . . from the archives #76: Cops, Market Street, San Francisco, 2003

Cops, Market Street - San Francisco  2003

March, 2003: 10 years ago. Mike was commuting into the city via the Larkspur Ferry. He had just gotten off the ferry and was heading towards the underground Muni station, when he saw this group of police. Of course he had to stop and fumble in his rolling daypack for his Leica Minilux to take a photo.

Right. It's coming back now. In February of 2003, Colin Powell had made a speech outlining the certainty of WMDs in Iraq; preparations were being made to go to war. So these are crowd-control cops, getting ready to take on war protesters later in the day.

Here's James Fallow's take on the anniversary.

And an interesting quote from Ta-Nehisi Coates:

I remember being out during one of the big anti-war protests and watching the crowds stream down Broadway. I remember thinking, "You fools believe that you matter? You think what you're saying means anything?"

In fact it meant a lot. It meant that you got to firmly and loudly say, "No. Not in my name." It meant being on the side of those who warned against the seductive properties of power, and opposing those who would bask in it.

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