Tuesday, March 19, 2013

More HDR

Interior (HDR) - Marin County  2013

Another "High Dynamic Range" experiment. I finally figured out how to do automatic bracketing using the E-PL1. So, one button push gives you three exposures: on, over and under.

And of course, you have to use a tripod, so auto ISO and image stabilization have to be turned off.

Then the three files are processed in Photoshop.

What's odd is that the final result is almost an "LDR" image . . . Low Dynamic Range. Nothing in the image is either fully black or fully white. So, again in Photoshop, I had to try and expand the range. Result is just a little odd-looking. At first I thought that the screen pattern - somehow accentuated by the HDR process - was "moire," but maybe not.

Below, the normal exposure tweaked in Photoshop.

Interior (non-HDR) - Marin County  2013

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