Sunday, March 10, 2013

Grass & Oaks, 2007

Grass & Oaks - Pacheco Pass  2007

Taken with a Sony camera . . . the R1. I eventually sold it back to B&H. (Ergonomic issues.)

Since it's a photograph, everything is included, every last little detail insofar as the lens and sensor could render it. Now, a painter would have to decide, looking at this scene, what was going to be put in. (To reiterate earlier Evening Windows discussion.

Since writing that post I came across this article written by the painter Stephen Taylor describing his methodology. Very interesting: he uses digital cameras and Photoshop! The end result is somewhat similar to an HDR photograph, but not quite.

A quote from the article: There are differences in finish across a painting that brings out the character of the elements in it. These differences also reveal the artifice involved in the act of representation.

Quite so.

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