Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chalfant Canyon No. 2

"While still an undergraduate, this interest [in archeology] led Joe to participate in the UC Davis field school directed by Richard Hughes in the Goose Lake Basin during the summer of 1979 and, earlier that year, to undertake a study of the Chalfant Canyon petroglyphs north of Bishop. This latter effort, which remains the only systematic analysis of these images, resulted in a paper subsequently published in Meighan’s edited volume Messages from the Past: Studies in California Rock Art."

─ Kathleen Hull, W. Joseph Mundy, Jr. (19522010), California Archeology, Vol 2, No 2


As sunset lingered on the snow-capped White Mountains we threw down our sleeping bags and ensolite pads on the sandy desert floor and slept at the site overnight. Late at night we were awakened to an extremely odd sound . . . running water! What? Stumbling around we saw the source: a fast-running channel of water sparkling in the beams cast by our flashlights. Obviously some irrigation mechanism upstream had triggered the water release. Getting up in the morning, the stream still running, we were thankful that we hadn’t chosen that particular dry stream bed for our sleeping bags! 


Photos: Sunset, White MountainsOwens Valley, 1979; Desert CreekOwens Valley, 1979

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