Thursday, March 3, 2011

. . . from the archives #64: Petroglyphs─Owens Valley, 1979

Taken with the Mamiya RB67: a very bulky camera that took 120 roll film. I never did quite get the hang of it─ there was a long learning curve trying to adapt to the waist-level viewfinder. Also, although it could be handheld, it was more of a tripod-only camera. After our house was burgled in 1980 I switched to an honest tripod-only 4x5 view camera. (And replaced the Nikon F with an Olympus OM-1.) It’s interesting that I almost prefer the negatives that I took on this trip with the Nikon (in spite of the smaller negatives' lower quality) over the Mamiya’s. But, as I’ve said, handheld compositions seem to work better for me. 

This photo was one of those selected to accompany Robinson Jeffers’ poem Shine, Perishing Republic in the limited edition portfolio of the same name.

Photo: Petroglyphs─Owens Valley, 1979

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