Thursday, March 24, 2011

Snow at Laurel Dell

The hikers kept moving onwards, even though the hour was getting late. Luckily for Mike, Margaret's bright new Patagonia fuchsia parka was an ever-visible beacon. As they neared the top, strange patches of a white substance started to appear by the trailside. Mike's theory: the patches were merely industrial pollution, nothing to see here, move along.

Margaret's theory: snow. Yikes! She was right! Snow! On the slopes of Mt. Tam!

And once they arrived at the level ground of Laurel Dell the snow was omnipresent. Margaret borrowed Mike's iPhone to snap an earlier-constructed snowman. Then, the dash through the dimming light and the rain back to the trailhead.

Photos: Snowman, Laurel Dell─Marin County, 2011; Fuchsia Parka─Marin County, 2011


Mike Mundy said...

Per Diane, whose comment was deleted due to Mike's inadvertently hitting the "Delete" button on the laughably tiny iPhone screen links:

"Just got a bit of snow here in Connecticut overnight. Hope it's the last. What a brutal winter."

Mike Mundy said...

It's interesting how we in the Bay Area see snow as an exquisite happening when local . . . or something that's worth driving miles to see.

Mike was in Connecticut in the autumn, probably its best season (?)

Some pix here, and here.

Diane said...

I hear Tahoe has been extremely snowy this fact my sister-in-law (who lives in Moraga) said they were telling skiers not to come, since they were having trouble keeping up with plowing all the snow.

I heard you guys are having TONS of rain!

Yes, autumn and spring (April/May...not March) are wonderful in Connecticut.