Thursday, July 15, 2010

Climbing Mt. Agassiz

Early the next day we set off on the interminable switchbacks leading towards Bishop Pass. Once we reached the pass we turned left towards the mountain picking our way through the surrounding rocks and boulders. There are any number of chutes leading towards the summit—we picked one at random. Carefully studying the placement of hands and feet we finally reached the top.

Once back at our camp, hot and tired, Joe contemplated the small creek near our campsite, then plunged his face into the icy water as was his wont.

Photo: Joe on Mt. Agassiz—Sierra Nevada, 1974; Joe on all Fours—Sierra Nevada, 1974; Joe Face in Water—Sierra Nevada, 1974


Diane said...

Nice series Mike! Joe looks very comfortable "on top of the world"! King of the hill! He also looks like he has become one with the ;-))

Pat said...

Thanks - so incredibly Joe-ish. The one on top of Mt Agassiz is wonderful ---I miss him

Mike Mundy said...


Work in Progress: Mt. Whitney and the Case of the Missing Pot.

judit said...

I love these.