Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Looking for Cows on Mount Burdell

The Marin County Open Space District has been letting cows graze on the slopes of Mt. Burdell; they recently needed a cow-search effort since there was supposed to be only a certain number of cows for each allotted segment of the area. 

So it was that Mike and Hali (in her official Open Space vest) found themselves tramping around the trails of Mt. Burdell looking for cows.

Very nice day, warm with high wispy clouds. The Cow Search team finally discovered the cows, hidden in the shade of a grove of trees. They had also been discovered by an official Open Space ranger. Alas: the cows were not in the Correct Spot, so a big discussion ensued as to whether or not we should try and wrangle them to the proper area. In the end, discretion ruled and the movement of the cows was left up to an actual rancher later in the day.

Photos: Oak & Sky─Marin County, 2011; Oaks─Marin County, 2011; Cow Discussion─Marin County, 2011

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