Thursday, May 13, 2010

. . . from the archives #61: Joe, Trona Road—San Bernardino County, 1973

Trona Road looks today much as it did back in 1973 when my brother and I first came upon it. He was the Art Director of this project: it was his idea to assume this Dali-esque pose on a vanishing-point desert road. So we had to search for the correct road, finally finding this perfect stretch of highway (later discovering that it was Trona Road), together with the perfect sky and clouds. The only concern (not a minor concern!) was avoiding getting run over by the big rigs frequently roaring by.

I used a Nikon F and Panatomic-X film. This photo has appeared in the L.A. Times Sunday magazine and was used on the cover of Bill Mohr's Momentum poetry quarterly.

Photo: Joe, Trona Road—San Bernardino County, 1973

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