Sunday, May 25, 2014

Olive Fruit Fly Control

Olive Grove, McEvoy Ranch - Marin County  2014

As we recall, last year's olive crop was a total loss. So that explains Mike's attendence at the McEvoy Ranch's fruit fly seminar.

So anyway, the key to olive fruit fly control is a substance known as "spinosad." (Link to Wikipedia article.)

"Spinosad is considered a natural product and approved for use in organic agriculture by numerous national and international certifications."

For olive groves, it can be purchased as GF-120 spray at $200 per gallon.

For less substantial needs one can purchase "Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew." But you'll need to mix it with some molasses to act as an attractant.

Spinosad should be applied to olive trees starting in June, every 7 days in the morning.

I might give it a try this year just out of scientific curiosity. We'll see.

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