Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Welcome to Japan

Welcome to Japan, Narita Airport - Japan 2014

Sign at Narita Airport, as seen by Mike as he walked by in a haze brought on by sleeplessness and numerous decongestants. He had just gotten off a 10-hour flight from San Francisco to Tokyo and was still in the midst of fighting a bad cold.

Hali, Mike and Dan along with Maz, Shawna and Hanna took a van to the Shinjuku Hilton; Hali and Mike crossed the street to the Hyatt and registered. Afterwards, Mike ate some snacks and collapsed into bed. The others were able to have a yakitori meal at a restaurant underneath the Hilton.

For reference: our 2008 Tokyo arrival.

Hali, Hyatt (Tokyo) - Japan  2014

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