Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mt. Guyot

Mt. Guyot, Pacific Crest Trail - Sierra Nevada  2002

View from Mt. Guyot - Sierra Nevada  2002

The Crabtree Meadow camp afforded an opportunity to hike up Mt. Whitney from the west. However, since I'd already been to the top (albeit from the east), I decided to try for another objective on our free day.

Scanning the map I decided to try for Mt. Guyot (Goo-Yo), a 12,300-foot mountain just to the west of the main Sierra crest. I headed south on the PCT intending to travel cross-country to the base of the mountain, then head straight up. I embarked on the cross-country section, but after getting a better look at the mountain decided to veer back to the trail which would take me to the western slope. So that was a little mini-adventure . . . walking around trailless in the wilderness. But the terrain was pretty self-explanatory and shortly after reaching the trail I continued on up the the slope of the mountain and turned right. The hiking poles I was using soon had to be put away since the rest of the trip involved clambering among large granite boulders.

Nice view from the top! And getting back to camp was easy enough.

Once back, I realized that I hadn't seen anyone else during the entire day.

Mike, Self-Portrait - Sierra Nevada  2002

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