Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rock Creek - 1

Rock Creek - Sierra Nevada  2002

Meadow near Rock Creek - Sierra Nevada  2002

Rock Creek was the last campsite of our trip, very serene and pastoral. The only drawback was that for some reason our tent had to be pitched on decidedly unlevel ground. You entered the tent, then flopped in.

A note on these 2002 photographs: I know that I took a Minolta SLR with me (the 7000i, as I recall). Also, on the evidence of the creek photo, I had a lightweight tripod along. I'm thinking that the photos taken from horseback must have been taken with a Leica Minilux, because the Minolta would have been too bulky. I used Kodacolor negative film in both cameras.

I used an Epson flatbed scanner to bring the negatives into the computer with mixed results. Some photos didn't scan well at all, others (such as the above) were OK.

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