Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Damaged Olives - Marin County  2013

Well, this is annoying.

Mike's 2013 olive crop was totally decimated by the olive fruit fly. 100%. There had been some fruit fly damage last year, which Mike didn't mention, but this is far worse.

For those seeking more fruit fly information, please consult this UC Davis publication. So . . . what you're supposed to do as a mitigating measure is make sure that there are no olives left on the tree or on the ground. Then, install fruit fly traps. Then, probably , cross your fingers and knock on wood.

This is annoying.


judit said...

Oh my. That's totally disappointing.

"Then, probably , cross your fingers and knock on wood." I say, add a twirl or two, a click of the heels, and double the traps.

Mike Mundy said...


And, needless to say there ARE olives still left on the tree and on the ground.