Sunday, October 2, 2011


Preparing Feed Bags, Yosemite  2011

Bacon & Eggs, Yosemite  2011

Mike dragged himself out of his sleeping bag at 6:00 AM. 39 degrees. Mark was up, getting ready to load the mules' feed bags as well as whipping up a little bacon and eggs.


judit said...

I just found out about a little something that Mark could have added to the breakfast he made you. Get ready for this:

Cook the bacon, pour pancake batter on it, cook. Cook eggs in the same pan, same time. But it's the pancake with bacon in it that is rockin' my world. I mean, really.

Mike Mundy said...

We will have to try that.

At home.

But this breakfast was a pleasant surprise, since my usual backpacking breakfast consists of Nature Valley granola bars

Pat said...

Is this a picture of your nimble steed & Hali's npt so?

Mike Mundy said...

Actually, these are two of the pack mules.

Hali's mule was staying discreetly out of sight.

And my noble steed was my good friend Maple.