Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kaiser Hospital

Kaiser Hospital, Modesto  2011

By the time Mike got to the imposing Kaiser Hospital in Modesto, he was pretty wiped out. But, Hali seemed to be doing OK!

She had had an operation to repair her broken hip, during which an intriguing-looking titanium rod was implanted. (No cast, which Mike was relieved to discover.) The main issue was trying to figure out how to manage the trip home, given the large amount of camping equipment in the not-large Infiniti. In the end it worked out OK with all the equipment crammed into the trunk and the front seat with Hali sitting in the back.

Oh yes, Mike stayed at a motel that night and slept quite soundly. For dinner, he was surprised to find himself eating Meal #3 at the Modesto In-N-Out Burger on Pelandale Avenue.


Mike Mundy said...

Update: So, that was in August. Now, Hali has gone from using a walker to crutches and is now back to work full-time. She's been practicing driving and hopes to resume driving by herself soon.


judit said...

And June is jealous of every In-and-Out burger you ate during the ordeal.

Hooray for Hali, and Mike, you've been everything a person could need in the way of caregiver, including personal photographer and documentarian.

Mike Mundy said...


While Hali was recuperating I managed to go through some old pix (both film and digital) with an East Coast Autumn theme, and some older pix taken in Bodie. Will be posting them in the coming weeks.