Saturday, October 15, 2011

Abandoned Building

Abandoned Building, Tennessee  2010

Dan and I had to stop once we saw this crumbling structure in Chattanooga.


judit said...

The geology of the city...

Mike Mundy said...


Also, I notice that Blogger is back to producing a "lightbox" look when clicking on the pix.


judit said...

"They" make the format changes, not you? I didn't know.

Never a dull moment.

Mike Mundy said...

It's interesting that a lot of people apparently hate the "lightbox look." Much complaining the last time they implemented this, so we'll see if it stays.

Mike Mundy said...

A-ha! From "Blogger Buzz":

Lightbox update

When we enabled a brand new photo viewing experience, called Lightbox, by default a few weeks ago, we heard from a number of Bloggers who preferred to use their own, previously installed Lightbox solution, or who simply wanted to continue blogging without the new feature.

Thanks to your feedback, we turned Lightbox off temporarily, and we’re re-launching it today with the option to disable it, along with a handful of fixes to bugs that you reported.