Saturday, October 29, 2011


Iggy's Doughboys - Rhode Island  2006

Narragansett Bay - Rhode Island  2006

The doughboys were excellent!

The scenery was nice, too.


Diane said...

We'll be shoveling out by tomorrow here in Ct. First snow storm of the season is expected to arrive in just a couple hours. Unfortunately the season is Autumn, not winter.......much too soon for snow!

My sister-in-law said it was a beautiful sunny day and 80 degrees out in the San Fran area yesterday. I'm moving. Although, she also mentioned they had 3 earthquakes in the last week. Yikes.

Mike Mundy said...

We had a lot of early fall rain, but, yes, now it's pretty warm.

Connecticut Halloween snow pix here.

Mike Mundy said...

Try the link again:

Diane said...

Thanks for the link! Yep, that's what it looked like here last night. We got about 6-8" of heavy wet snow, which stuck to everything. Thank goodness we didn't lose power, but over 700,000 people did lose power here in Ct. Unfortunately Carl (your link to Ct. photographer) lives up in an area where some of the highest amounts of snow were received. Upwards of 15"+. Wow, what a storm!