Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Horse Blogging

Maple, Meadow, Yosemite  2011

Maple again. On the return trip out, Mike went in front (for the first, and quite likely the last time in his equestrian career) and was thus able to get an uninterrupted view of the landscape. But going in front also meant not spacing-out, especially on the downhills, some of which were quite fearsome. (And, it turned out that Maple, although extremely competent, could not always figure out the correct direction to take, since some sections of the trail were not as self-evident as in the above shot.)

15 miles to the trailhead at Tuolumne Meadows: didn't get back until after 5:00 PM.


pat said...

of course! Maple's ears are more petit. What a shame, this was a beautiful trip. At least Hali can look at your wonderful pictures you took on the way out.

Mike Mundy said...

I am a big Maple fan.

At this point, Hali was at the Kaiser Hospital in Modesto, with her operation continually being rescheduled for later. But, Shawna was there! So she had an advocate.