Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Way of the Geezer: Pre-Backpack Omelet Dinner

Mike usually car camps the night before he starts his backpack. Sometimes he’ll throw a PrestoLog® into the firepit to create that campfire illusion.

His pre-backpack dinner consists—always—of a bacon-cheese omelet and a bagel with cream cheese.

And, of course, a pre-dinner Heineken . . . then maybe some Chardonnay.

Photo: Omelet Mise En Place, Dinkey Creek Campground—Sierra Nevada, 2009; Dinkey Creek Campground—Sierra Nevada, 2009


Pat said...

I love it. This is truly an 'ol' geezer blog! You should have had at least one cup of tea with a photo of the used bag

Mike Mundy said...

Scheduled for next week: The Way of the Geezer: Sierra Morning.

We can hardly wait!

Diane said...

Love your new banner photo! The silhouette and color palette are amazing....dramatic and a bit sinister.

Mike Mundy said...

Thanks . . . remmnants of a tropical storm at sunset.

Lightning, etc. I'm pretty sure I took this through the opposite window of the car.