Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dueling Federal Buildings

. . . or, should we say, complimentary Federal Buildings.

Top photo is of the Federal Building on 7th & Mission in San Francisco, designed by Thom Mayne. Yes, I worked there for a short period of time.

Bottom photo is of the Wayne Morse Courthouse Building in Eugene, also designed by Thom Mayne.

Thom Mayne is a Santa Monica-based architect, head of the pleasingly cyperpunk-sounding firm Morphosis. To quote Wikipedia: The work of Morphosis has a layered quality. The designs often include multiple organizational systems which find unique expression while contributing to a coherent whole.

Um, OK.

Photos: Federal Building—San Francisco, 2007; Wayne Morse Courthouse Building—Eugene, 2009


Diane said...

Cool pics! The top photo is pleasantly disorientating...kind of a puzzler. Where am I, what's up, what's down...??? Nice reflections on the bottom photo. Did you enjoy working there?

Mike Mundy said...

I didn't work in the main flashy part of the bldg but the funky annex off to the side.

It was OK, I guess.