Saturday, September 19, 2009

Repackaging Freeze-Dried Food: Instructions

At home:

—Open up the freeze-dried package.
—Carefully divide the contents into two parts (using quantity or weight).
—Use a vacuum sealer to repackage the two meals.

(UPDATE: August 2014. I've found that the vacuum sealer isn't necessary. Just two zip lock bags firmly sealed will do if the dividing process is done just before the trip.)

To reconstitute:

—Cut open the vacuum sealed package and transfer contents to a one quart freezer bag.
—Pour the required amount of boiling water into the bag (I started using slightly more than called-for).
—Seal the one quart bag and wait 8 minutes.
—Open and eat. I used a long-handled spoon that I found at REI.

In summary: this worked quite well, I would say. It freed-up a remarkable amount of space in the bear canister, leaving extra room for toiletries, candy bars, etc.
Photo: Repackaged Food—Marin County, 2009

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