Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Robertson Boulevard

We had lunch a few weeks ago on Robertson Boulevard—an extremely trendy street—in Los Angeles. A few, but not too many, vacant storefronts. Can’t remember the name of the place, just that the service was very problematical.

Up the street there was a line of cars waiting for the valet service at The Ivy, a hypertrendy L.A. restaurant. My daughter and I had breakfast there a few years back. We showed up all unawares and were promptly seated at the patio in front. (!???!!—I mean, yes of course we always look trendy, but still . . . )

The memory of the grossly inflated prices on the menu is still fresh. After a hasty whispered conference we decided to stay: after all, how many times were we going to come back? I remember polishing up the complimentary scones while the scones on the tables around us were going untouched. As we left, I wandered over to the roses growing against the wall and took a commemorative photo.

Photos: Robertson—Los Angeles, 2009; Roses (The Ivy)—Los Angeles, 1998

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