Sunday, August 2, 2009

. . . from the archives #50: Little Bighorn Battlefield—Montana, 1987


First stop was the Custer Battlefield. This place has a strange kind of mystical intensity. (The long-ago battle. The scattered tombstones. The unchanged landscape.)

Taken during a trip to South Dakota with my parents in 1987. I used a Mamiya twin-lens medium format camera.

Photo: Little Bighorn Battlefield—Montana, 1987


Diane said...

Headed to Montana in a few weeks to visit my parents.
"Mystical intensity" well describes the Custer Battlefield.

Mike Mundy said...

. . . and one hopes you'll be taking your Canon XSi!

Diane said...

Yes, I am taking my Xsi, but the question is whether to take my heavy Manfrotto tripod or to take a lighter monopod instead? Suggestions?

Mike Mundy said...

My hiking stick also converts to a monopod. But it only got used as a monopod a few times after I had just purchased it. Didn't seem to be that practical.

I have a very heavy Bogen and a lightweight cheap Velbon. As it turns out, I use the Velbon 100% of the time.

That said, I think I get more "keepers" not using a tripod.