Friday, August 14, 2009

Coast Camp

Mike spent the night at Coast Camp at a site adjacent to the wilderness. He fussed with the tent’s location, having to move it after noticing some overlooked small patches of poison oak.

Tent set up, he walked down towards the ocean. The beach was virtually deserted: a man, woman and little girl . . . and Mike. The view stretched southwards to the horizon. Walking back to camp he passed by some reeds waving in the wind.

Once back, it was easily observed that the sun had definitely passed the yardarm: time to break out the plastic liter bottle of syrah!

During the night the fitful ocean breeze kept flapping the tent fabric; when the wind paused the booming of the surf could be heard. Actually very restful.

Photos: Ocean from Coast Camp, Point Reyes—Marin County, 2009; Reeds & Clouds—Marin County, 2009; Tent at Coast Camp, Point Reyes—Marin County, 2009


Diane said...

How cool is that, waking up to the booming surf! The last time I was out that way (2005), we took a drive up towards that area, but unfortunately I was so sick I couldn't really enjoy it. My brother lives in Moraga, perhaps it's time for another visit.

Mike Mundy said...

As I recall, one can get that same waking-up-to-the-booming-surf experience by staying at the motels in Pismo Beach. Much easier than hiking six miles in!