Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ogden Tree

This tree sat in front of my parents’ house on Ogden Drive in Los Angeles for quite a number of years, from the 1940’s until a few years ago when one morning they awoke to find the branches of the tree in their front yard.

I can’t remember, or never knew, what kind of tree it was. Now there's a big stump and some severely cracked sidewalk.

Photo: Ogden Tree (Carob)—Los Angeles, 1997


Pat said...

Per Joe G, per Bill, it was a carob tree. Stump now gone, cracked sidewalk remains. Sigh.....

Mike Mundy said...

Thanks! So now I have changed the title and added this link.

There are too many in L.A. for the cracked sidewalk to become a tourist attraction.