Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fine Dining in Corning

Heading north on Highway 5 Hali & Mike reached Corning at 8:15 PM after wrestling with a hideous traffic situation leaving Marin.

Luckily, Bartels is open until 9.

Luckily, Mike still had enough presence of mind to take an evening shot of the freeway-visible Bartels sign.

Hamburgers were great, although they mistakenly didn’t order the Giant Burger, which is apparently the way to go at Bartels.

Photo: Bartels—Corning, 2009


judit said...

Fine burgers, old fashioned, drippy, made to order.

While we've stopped there many times, it's never been in twilight. Great pic.

judit said...

Giant, juicy, delicious burgers. Ya gotta order the Giant.

I've never been there in that light. Nice picture.

Mike Mundy said...

Apparently frequent commenter judit really likes Bartels burgers!

Or could it be that I've been backpacking and haven't been able to keep up with publishing comments?