Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ryoanji - 1

Ryoanji - Kyoto  2016

One of my earliest introductions to Japanese culture came in the form of a National Geographic article on Japan published in the 1960's. The thing that caught my eye was a photograph of a Zen monk meditating in front of a rectangular area of raked sand, with rocks randomly distributed throughout the sand. The text went on to explain that the garden was located in the Zen temple of Ryoanji, and was supposed to assist in meditation, the ultimate goal being satori - enlightenment. Wow! How cool was that! So I was certainly going to go there during my first trip to Japan in 1966.

Every 50 years I go to Ryoanji! So anyway, in preparation for our last year's visit we purchased some breakfast goodies at a nearby 7-11, then took a taxi to Ryoanji hoping to beat the crowds. Alas,  as we huddled in a corner of the parking lot, Mike experienced a cream puff explosion while eating his 7-11 selection. Cream puff filling everywhere, including, but not limited to, his iPhone and Olympus camera. But, no harm!

We did beat the crowds but just barely. No satori for me, alas . . . I'm sure that the cream puff explosion didn't help.

Ryoanji Rock Detail #1 - Kyoto  2016

Ryoanji Rock Detail #2 - Kyoto  2016

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