Thursday, February 16, 2017

Takayama Ryokan

Ryokan Office (Takayama) - Japan  2016

View from Ryokan (Takayama) - Japan  2016

Another not-our-first-choice place. For the record, Ryokan Murayama.

From Mike's trip journal: . . . arrival at Takayama and the shuttle to Ryokan Murayama. Interesting place, with parts of the building seemingly constructed at different times. Elevator starts on the second floor. (?) Have to mention two things: a) they didn't have our correct rooms, and b) this place might have seen much better days, to be honest.

Located a considerable distance outside of the city in an area that, like I said, had maybe seen better days in the past. But actually, I finally decided that the surroundings were kind of cool in a rundown kind of way. Plus, the Teddy Bear Village was within walking distance!

Teddy Bear Halloween Window (Takayama) - Japan  2016

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