Sunday, February 5, 2017


Kinkakuji - Kyoto  2016

Pond, Stone Lantern (Kinkakuji) - Kyoto  2016

Burned in 1950, reconstructed in 1955. Very pretty, indeed. The grounds are nice too: "The Golden Pavilion is set in a magnificent Japanese strolling garden," according to Wikipedia.

Alas, it was very difficult for us to appreciate the site due to the overwhelming crush of (mostly Japanese) sightseers. Of course, you'd have to include us as adding to the crush. The experience was reminiscent of our 2014 visit to Arashiyama.

So my strategy of getting there somewhat early, on a weekday, didn't work at all. Also, I'm thinking that it could be true that the Japanese, or maybe even most people, don't share my anti-crowd bias. (See, for example, just in the last year, my post on Zion National Park. Or my post on Glacier Point.) I mean, what about Disneyland on a weekend afternoon? Talk about your crowds.

Maybe next time go in February?

Crowd (Kinkakuji) - Kyoto  2016

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