Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Zion Lodge

Zion Lodge Main Desk (Zion NP) - Utah  2016

Mike had paid Zion National Park a visit some four years ago:

The sheer number of people wanting to visit Utah's national parks - even in the (supposedly) off-season of October - was somewhat confounding.

So, a drive-though, parking at a few pull-offs, checking out the vistas and the cliffs. Might be interesting to plan a winter visit.

Since the scenic main road through the park is accessible by shuttle-only starting in mid-March, Mike scheduled this particular visit for the first week in March, springing for a reservation at Zion Lodge. Yes, a winter visit. 

A late arrival after a somewhat exhausting drive, so after a quesadilla and beer at the lodge's restaurant, back to the room to rest up.

(BTW: yes, comparisons are odious, but Zion Lodge is much nicer than Yosemite Lodge.)

Quesadilla, Beer (Zion NP) - Utah  2016

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