Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Los Angeles Rain

Keep L.A. Beautiful - Los Angeles  2013

Caution Wet Floor - Los Angeles  2013

I used two Olympus cameras during my trip to L.A.: an E-PL5 mid-level model, and the new OM-D EM1.

To be honest, the results from both cameras were great; there wouldn't be any differences between the two that would be discernible on the web. The difference is in the handling, with the EM1 being much more user-friendly (experienced photographer user-friendly).

The above photos were taken with the EM1 and the Panasonic 20mm (prime) lens. I don't think that I'll be identifying the camera used in the rest of the L.A. series unless I think it's relevant.

I was lucky in one respect: L.A. rain!

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