Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sights Along the Saddle Road

Kaumana Trail - Hawaii  2012

Saddle Road Plants - Hawaii  2012

Plant life obviously adapted to growing in lava. An unusual combination of desert-like scrub plants with tropical overtones.

The Kaumana Trail "is a remnant portion of the old Hilo-Puu O`o Horse Trail. Until the U.S. Army built the Saddle Road in 1942, it was the only direct route from Hilo to the Humuula Saddle."

Also: "Other trails or roads that branch off from the public features may be on private property, and are not managed for any public recreational use. Access is subject to adjacent landowner approval, and if used without authorization, you will be trespassing and possibly putting yourself at risk." (Emphasis added.)


Source: Hawaii Trails

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