Sunday, May 20, 2012


Church, Kona - Hawaii  2012

Church (Nicasio) - Marin County  2012

Churches found in Kona, Hawaii, and Nicasio in Marin County.


Ed said...

I like these pictures. They work well in Black and White. I've been learning a little about post processing and converting my digital images into black and white, emulating some popular films. Were these done digitally and converted, or did you shoot film? They have that "film" look about them.

Mike Mundy said...


Both were taken with my new little Olympus E-PL1. I converted to BW using a PS CS3 adjustment layer.

The thing is, though, that I'm having problems with my BW conversions . . . if you enlarge the images and look in the upper left hand corner (of both) you can see definite signs of posterization. There's some secret to the process that is somehow eluding me.