Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Whale Blogging

Pilot Whale - Hawaii  2012

Whale in Front - Hawaii  2012

Hali and Mike got up early in the morning and headed south to a small harbor just outside of Hilo for a whale-watching excursion. Along with several other people they clambered aboard Cap'n Dan's trusty vessel.

As the boat left the harbor, it immediately met the waves of the open sea. After a moment of unease, Mike realized that he was going to be OK and settled in to wait for pix opportunities (also, he had thoughtfully taken a Bonine upon rising.)

It was getting towards the end of the humpback whale season, and in fact no humpback whales were sighted. But they did come across several pilot whales! Very difficult to frame the photos using the EPL-1's LCD screen, but Mike did his best. 


judit said...

I like being able to see the whales from the boat deck. Thanks.

Is that a great white off to the right in the top of the second picture? :)

Mike Mundy said...

No. Just a wee 'lil boat thumbtacked onto the horizon.