Saturday, April 9, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

. . . was last month.

But, Mike & Hali happened to be in San Francisco last month during the St Patrick's Day Parade down Market Street. It took forever to get started, and when it finally did the view was intermittently blocked by fire engines. But all in all, an exciting event!

Sightems: A stiltwalker with the appropriate costuming, the San Francisco Rose of Tralee, and, of course, a vendor selling green cotton candy.

Photos: Stilts─San Francisco, 2011; Rose of Tralee─San Francisco, 2011; Cotton Candy─San Francisco, 2011

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Mike Mundy said...


"The late, great Herb Caen used to take walks around San Francisco and write about what he saw. He liked the mysterious dark alleys of North Beach, the bright lights of Broadway, up Market and down Powell.

The Walking Caen, he called those columns. They were laced with little jokes, keen observations and 'sightems.' He held up a mirror to the city."