Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Bobcat Blogging

Standing in the Pierce Point Ranch parking lot Mike was on the phone leaving a message for Hali when a shadowy form crossed the road in front of him. Tossing the phone aside Mike grabbed his Nikon D90 and was able to get off one shot before the creature vanished in the undergrowth.

At first he thought that it might be a coyote, but obviously, no. A cat, then. But what kind of cat: mountain lion or bobcat? The lack of a tail points pretty solidly to a bobcat. Interesting, though, that the photo image was needed for the identification.

Earlier bobcat photo here.

Photo: Bobcat─Point Reyes, 2011


Diane said...

Ohhh!! Looks like a pretty big cat! Yikes! I'm thinkin' more mountain lion. The way the mountain lion's tail hangs, it could be down along side the back leg. Anyway....which ever it is, nice capture!

Mike Mundy said...


Well, it would be way more cool if it WAS a mountain lion, since I've never seen one before.