Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ranch Buildings #1

Kind of reminds me (a little) of Bodie, with the desert sun being replaced with the ocean fog swirling around the unused ranch buildings.

Photos: Fence & Ranch Building─Point Reyes, 2011; Cypress and Building─Point Reyes, 2011


Diane said...

Love the top photo! The juxtaposition of the ruddy, rustic fence with the crisp, clean lines and color of the ranch work beautifully together.

Mike Mundy said...


To be honest, the top photo had perspective issues. Tried to fix it in Photoshop, but the cupola thingie still isn't quite right.

Diane said...

Well, I'm guessing that's one of those little quirks that you notice....and no one else does. Doesn't bother me.