Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hike Up Loma Alta

Second one this year.

Photos: Fence (Loma Alta)─Marin County, 2011; Grass (Sunrise)─Marin County, 2011


Diane said...

Gorgeous light!

Mike Mundy said...

Yes! Thank you Nikon!

Although I'm now noticing that the lower photo is too equally divided between ground and sky, in defiance of all the Rules of Composition.

Diane said...

Rules smules. I love the way the texture and direction of the clouds, mimic the texture and shadows of the grasses. And the color is awesome too.

cleek said...

oooh. purty.

really like that second one. any Rule which forbids you capturing spectacular clouds that mirror the spectacular ground is a Rule that needs to be downgraded to Suggestion.

Mike Mundy said...


In fact, Mike has been known to defy this Rule before.