Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Maverick Grits

Dan found the recipe using his iPhone . . . whoa. Check out the list of wonderful ingredients.

Most of the stuff was purchased at "Your Dekalb Farmers Market" which would be worthy of a post all by itself, except that "Your Dekalb Farmers Market" has a no-photography policy. (Which policy is also shared by Whole Foods, by the way.) Their website is here.

The dish was quite good: highly recommended. We won't go into the likely calorie count.

Photos: Maverick Grits—Atlanta, 2010; Shrimp, Scallops etc—Atlanta, 2010; Assembling Meal—Atlanta, 2010


Mike Mundy said...

At first we thought that "maverick" might refer to the enigmatic senator from Arizona, John McCain.

But no, it turns out that the creator of the recipe, Frank Lee, "tends to be a maverick when it comes to embracing the many flavors of Charleston."

Anyway, it turns out that Mr. McCain really isn't a maverick anyway.

judit said...

I don't think that Bret or Bart Maverick ate this dish. There were no scallops where they lived.